Đặc Trưng
■ Dịch vụ OEM
■ Thiết kế đặc biệt để đo áp suất cao Đo áp suất tối đa: 4000bar
■ Kết nối hàn, nhiệt độ chất lỏng tối đa có thể lên tới 200oC
■ Tất cả thiết kế bằng thép không gỉ
■ Có sẵn ống Bourdon Đức (bachmaier-klemmer) (tùy chọn)

Đồng Hồ Áp Suất ATLANTIS HPPG-SUS - All Stainless Steel High Pressure Gauge

▼Size: 4”, 6”
▼Installation type

  • Bottom mount(A)
  • Bottom mount with flange (B)
  • Back mount (Eccentric thread) (ADE)
  • Back mount with flange (Eccentric thread) (BDE)
  • Back mount with U-clamp (Eccentric thread) (UDE)
  • Back mount with flange and U-clamp (Eccentric thread) (UBDE)

▼Window: Safety glass, O-ring sealed
▼Pressure connection

  • Material: SS304
  • Welded connection
  • Thread size: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”
  • Thread type: BSPT, NPT, PF
  • Other thread specification are available upon request

▼Pressure range: 0…400 to 1000 bar
▼Applicable fluid: Liquid and gas that compatible with stainless steel
▼Ambient temperature: 

  • Dry, silicone oil:-40°C to +60°C
  • Glycerin:-20°C to +60°C

▼Fluid temperature: 

  • Dry:+120°C
  • Glycerin:+100°C
  • Silicone oil:+200°C

▼Temperature drift: Every 12°C, max. error±0.3% F.S
▼Protection level: IP54 (Standard) / IP65 (Option)
▼Ring: Stainless steel
▼Ring mount: Inside bayonet (Option: Outside bayonet)
▼Case: SS304
▼Pointer: Aluminum with black enamel
▼Dial face

  • Blue and black scale
  • Pressure unit, scale, color, etc., can be customized upon request.

▼Measuring elements

  • Bourdon tube
  • Material: SS304

▼Protection design: Blow out back
▼Movement: stainless steel
▼Accuracy: ±1%
▼Operating pressure

  • Stabilization 3/4* full scale
  • Fluctuation 2/3* full scale
  • Impulse 1* full scale