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Đồng Hồ Áp Suất ATLANTIS PR - Pressure recorder

▼Size: 8”, 10”, 12”
▼Window: Tempered glass, With O-ring sealed
▼Pressure connection
  • Material:SS304/copper alloy
  • With O-ring sealed
  • Size:1/2”
  • Type: BSPT, NPT, PF
▼Stem: Material SS304 / copper alloy
▼Temperature range
  • Min.:5kg/cm2
  • Max.:20kg/cm2
▼Applicable fluid: Liquid and gas that compatible with connection's material
▼Working environment: Head temperature should not over 90℃
▼Protection level: IP 54
▼Ring: Aluminum alloy casting, Black enamel
▼Back housing: Aluminum alloy casting, Black enamel
▼Record paper: 100 pcs
▼Recording period: 12 hours / 24 hours, 7 days a cycle
▼Measuring elements: Bourdon tube, Material: Copper alloy / Stainless steel
▼Capillary: SS 304, Outer diameter:6.35mm, 3 meter
▼Pressure accuracy: 1.5%
▼Operating pressure
  • Stabilization:3/4* full scale
  • Short-time:1* full scale