• Độ chính xác ± 0,25% FSD
  • Kết cấu chắc chắn
  • 1,2 lần khả năng trên phạm vi trong thời gian ngắn
  • Truy xuất nguồn gốc đến phòng thí nghiệm tiêu chuẩn Quốc gia / Quốc tế
  • Hộp đựng đặc biệt (Hộp Woodan) với mỗi khổ

Đồng Hồ Áp Suất GENERAL MAPG - Master Pressure Gauges 

Ref. StandardEN - 837
DialAnti parallax mirror type, white with black markings
CaseSS304 / SS316 Weather proof to IP - 68
PointerBalanced knife edge
WindowInstruments Glass
Measuring elementBourdon in SS316 Ti
MovementPrecision brass, jewel bearings
RangeMinimum (-)1 to 3 kg/cm², Maximum 0 - 40 kg/cm²
Connection1/2" NPT (M), bottom or back eccentric in SS316
Scalebar(g), kg/cm2(g), psi(g)
Accuracy± 1% FSD (0.5% FSD on request)
Over Range1.2 times maximum rating for shor t duration
Temperature Suitability(-) 20°C to 60°C , Media 60°C
Temperature EffectWithin ±0.25% FSD/10°C, when temperature changes from reference temperature of 20°C
Pressure Comparator
Pressure Comparator consists of a hand operated Screw Pump,Reservoir for filling the System, Shut- off / Relieve Valves. Fluid Pressure is generated by operating the Screw Pump; and thepressure is made  available at two test por ts - one for MasterGauge and the other for the Gauge under Test. After testing the pressure is released using Relief Valve. It is easy to operate andprovides maintenance free operation.
Pointer Puller Fixer kit